Caeigo Cast

Be it a nerve-wrecking thriller, a heart-warming romance or the monumental final of a competition, empower your guests to seamlessly and securely stream their favourite content from their own devices to the big screen while basking in the luxurious comfort of their rooms.

Caeigo Cast is a Chromecast-based streaming system for hotels.
Our simple yet intuitive casting system is an advanced streaming solution, which allows guests to view content using a smart device and compatible apps (i.e. Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime and much more). Guests can securely watch  content using their own accounts, whenever they want, on any in-room TV.

Nowadays guests are usually subscribed to several platforms, so being able to use their mobile devices to connect to the TV in the room is an added value for the hotel.

Super easy and intuitive connection to the TV
By using QR code technology, your guests can easily connect their personal devices to the in-room TV and stream their favourite content on the big screen. Movies, TV shows, music and news can all be cast to the TV through the guest’s own pre-installed apps.

Connect wifi

You can connect through either a code on the TV or directly to the guest wifi

Scan the QR code

With the camera on iOS or Android device

Start casting

Choose your favourite App, start streaming and cast content to the TV

Benefits for the guest

Benefits for the hotel

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Caeigo Connect Content Management System (CMS) offers a rich set of templates for TVs and smart phones. TV templates are completely agnostic of TV brands.


Caeigo Dashboard combines data reporting and analytics and delivers the right kind of insights to the GUESTs and to the Hotel management team.


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